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Abelia Repetition Engineering Pty Ltd, founded in 1959, is a leading Australian repetition manufacturing company. Abelia have established a nation wide reputation as a provider of quality precision components being turned, milled and ground to customer specification.


Through our philosophy and customer focus we build firm value-laden relationships with our very diverse pool of customers and are both flexible and innovative in our approach to production.


Our commitment to Lean Manufacturing results in more effective and efficient production processes. This inherent strength greatly reduces production time and cost. Our highly competent programmers find innovative and efficient solutions to customer problems. Furthermore, our flexible and customer focused J.I.T. Management and Kan Ban delivery systems greatly enhance the value chain and seamlessly integrate our services with our customers production needs.


Our diverse customer base include those from the following industries:


•  Automotive

•  Industrial Engineering

•  Department of Navy

•  Australian Defence

•  Electronics and electrical

•  Hospital

•  Building and furniture

•  Industrial and household appliance

•  Petrol pump

•  Gas fittings

•  High Technology

Corporate Profile
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Industries Serviced
Industrial Engineering
Department of Navy
Australian Defence
Electronic and Electrical
Building and Furniture
Industrial and Household Appliance
Petrol Pump
Gas Fittings
High Technology
Technologies Used
CNC Turning Centres
CNC Machining Centres
Milling Machines
Single Spindle Automatic Lathes
Centerless Grinding Machines
Drilling and Tapping Machines
Press Machines
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Address: 15 Davies Road, Padstow NSW 2211
Sydney: (02) 9792 2044
Fax: (02) 9792 2436

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