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Our factory located in Padstow, NSW has one of the largest production capacities in Australia. We manufacture a very diverse range of components ranging from miniature to very large and from the most basic to the most technically complex. These components are manufactured in both very large and small batch sizes.


Typically the materials machined include:
• Aluminium
• Brass
• Bronze
• Nickel Silver
• Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Teflon
• High density polyethylene
• Non metals such as Nylon and Acetal
• Cast iron, diecast aluminium and forged metals


The technologies and machines used in our production process include

• CNC turning centres having 2, 3 and 4 Axis
• CNC machining centres having 3 and 4 axis (horizontal and vertical)
• Milling machines
• Single Spindle automatic lathes
• Drilling and Tapping machines
• Press Machines

Corporate Profile
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Industries Serviced
Industrial Engineering
Department of Navy
Australian Defence
Electronic and Electrical
Building and Furniture
Industrial and Household Appliance
Petrol Pump
Gas Fittings
High Technology
Technologies Used
CNC Turning Centres
CNC Machining Centres
Milling Machines
Single Spindle Automatic Lathes
Centerless Grinding Machines
Drilling and Tapping Machines
Press Machines
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Address: 15 Davies Road, Padstow NSW 2211
Sydney: (02) 9792 2044
Fax: (02) 9792 2436

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